Monday, June 23, 2008

The Begining

Emaratiyah is the female for Emarati, which is a person from the Emirates, us, locals.

My blog was totally inspired by the UAE community blog.


Because, I find it fascinating how people talk openly in the safety of the blogsphere.
I always wonder how those individuals would talk when face to face with an Emarati or Emaratiyah, because so far I haven't had such intense criticism or "views" from the nice looking expat/ visitors I have come across (and I do come across many).

I know we tend to omit certain things when we talk, we don't usually just speak our minds in the presence of others so to read what I read in the UAE community blog makes me wonder, how many of the people I work with share the same sentiments towards us, and by sentiments, I mean the negative ones.

Criticisms, point of views, "constructive feedback" are all good things. But what I read sometimes does not really translate into any of that, it's sometimes just ignorant, arrogant, rude, thoughtless, remarks, that makes me uncomfortable dealing with the expats at work.

I don't want a small but virtually large blogsphere to skew my image and attitude towards the foreigners in my beloved land, so I am going to write down my thoughts, maybe shed some light to how it is for some of us locals here.

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BuJassem said...

bittawfeeg inshalla
welcome the expats then :)

btw, ana la7atht nafs el shay... most expats tend to be super sweet in person, but the ppl on the uae cb are big time sharks!

good luck with your adventure, there is a huge shortage of english-speaking emirati bloggers