Monday, October 20, 2008

Sleepless night

What a day...
The Karate Centre have been demolished.
My travel agent who my family have been dealing with for the past 20years or so have passed away July. Allah yer7amek Mr. Mateen, I was so sad when I found out today, it really felt like a family member gone. My thoughts are with his family.
It just got me thinking, this guy has been working so hard throughtout his youth, throughout the best years of his family life, away from his family, he did not get to even enjoy the money he earned. Life is full of such stories, it still upsets me, I am relieved it does, I don't want to be desensitized to tragidy.

I played with my nieces and nephews today, I must say, that they are my prozac in life, they can make me forget all my worries an sadness, they have this magical ability to suck out all the negative energy and emotions and fill me with happy ones. Bless them and all other children, may their smiles and laughters never fade.

I am tired from reading about how Dubai is a terrible place in the UAE CB. I've decided to avoid that dark place. We all know the reality of the situation, talking about it is just useless, all what people there ar doing is validating their thoughts with others and leaving it there....

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BuJassem said...

Allah yer7am Mr Mateen!

same for the karate centre.. was it on al wasl road?

btw.. be the change you seek.. i'd suggest you go there and make ur thoughts known on UAECB.. please.

also i never read any of ur comments here.. or maybe u prefer that ppl like me don't comment...

have a great day