Tuesday, December 30, 2008

why and more whys...

It has been a long time since I worte anything. It's strange that I didn't need to turn to bloggin to vent, many things have happened since.

I was just at the UAE community blog and read the post and comments about Gazza, it was intresting to read many of the comments that really just shows how screwed up we are as a nation and how Palestinians will remain to suffer alone despite our shared sentiments and the occasional frowns at what we see on t.v and the short lived shock state we live. Palestine, you are alone in this as somebody said in the comments.
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid just announced that all celebrations for new year is to be cancelled. I love that man.

There are few bloggers I would like to meet in person, those who caught my atttention.

Blessing in Tragidy--> Makes me laugh and makes my blood boil.
Dubai Jazz --> the only person who makes sense, he sounds stable.
Hemlock--> I thouht she was a he until recently.
Nick--> just curious to see the face of a funny person.

I am sick of seeing the Christmas tree, and the festivities in the shopping mall, simply because I don't relate to it. I respect all religions, but this does not represent what my country stands for.
Eid has never been celebrated like that. I should be gratful as we had an excellent celebration for National days. The celebration was put together by the government and by locals, who put their individual efforts. What was very clear that all shops were not interested to reflect any kind of gratitude on this special day for a land that has hosted them.

I am just worried at how our religion is given the back seet when itcomes to what is important. Shame.

The other thing that is happening while all this identity crisis is going on, is the repeated failure of men and women meeting each others expectations. Life is getting confusing to them as they are now in a transitional phase where many cultures are ifnluencing our people adults, youth and children alike. I am goingto write some more about it.

Marriage and me, people are curious to why am I single to until this day :) the answer is usually (mafi Naseeb), believe me Ihave a more elaborate answer, but its too complicated and might make me look like a girl with some issues.

Maybe I do, but I would like to keep that to my self. But will also share my thoughts here on the blog just t fee some voyars curiousity.

Write to you laters :)


BuJassem said...

It's great that you've wrote again. The UAE Community Blog has degenerated into a lunatic asylum on the web. It really pains me to read it honestly. The combined IQ of people there is now akin to zero and I hope that this doesn't reflect on the people of the UAE.

Dubai Jazz is one lucky guy! It's great that someone out there thinks that he sounds stable :)

As for the Christmas trees.. they are just pissing me off.. they are a trip hazard and a fire hazard.

Emaratiyah said...

True Buj, UAE community blog is attracting more lunatics...but i still find it interesting to read what many people I assume are afraid to say openly, lets say over lunch or dinner at work or in a social gathering.

DJ, I am a fan...and yes he is lucky, I don't usually have good things to say about many men...

Christmas trees should be replaced with palm trees, I am willing to negotiate that.

BuJassem said...

lol Emaratiyah.. so i'm not the only one who thought hemlock was a guy too!

btw, regarding UAECB and lunatics.. i think the UAE always was a land of extremes.. we went from extreme simple lives (pearl diving, fishing) to very complicated and tricky times (modern uae in 2008, with stock crashes, salik, and traffic jams).. the uae has extreme wealth but also people who barely make ends meet.

it tends to attract unrealistic people.. and i think some of those are now leaving (and keeping their cars in the dubai airport parking)

Emaratiyah said...

is that real "keeing their cars in dubai airport" or just rumours.

BuJassem said...

sorry for the delay.. bas this cars in the airport thingie is true as far as i know.. and it makes sense.. but i am yet to find any evidence about it in the media etc..

the proof for me is the lack of traffic jams.. yaaay

rosh said...

Emaratiyah - am Christian and with all due respect, let me ask you - why is a Christmas tree quite offensive i.e. - why wouldn't you "relate" to it?

A call for prayer brings me much peace and calm. The entire neighbourhood is peaceful - there is a sense of humanity. I don't even understand the Friday sermons (if I may it so) that's broadcast from the mosques, however, it's been part of me as long as I can remember. It reminds me of the time when people gather to say a prayer to whoever is that father in heaven. We are all from the same creator - just born into different homes, cultures, borders and races. However we are all "made in heaven" send down to planet earth to experience a journey called life.