Saturday, January 3, 2009


If you decide to drive into my lane last minute, I think you should be prepared to catch up to my speed.

That's a daily experience for me, what makes me mad, is the fact, if he/she waited until I passed, there were no cars behind me and they could have taken their time to build some speed.

I am tired of whinning about this, so here it is for the first and last time on my blog.

Men, sometimes I feel I can pain them with one brush and say, they are all the same. The core issues are the same, some slight variation in the way they look, dress, their size, their sociability and their ability to joke and spend money, other than that, the mentality, east, west, north or south, is the same...believe me. I will write a book about it that will make Freud turn in his grave.

No wonder I am not married. No wonder.

It is a sad weekend. With all that is happening in Gazza and the silence from all the Arab neighbouring countries, with me just writing about it, with the passing away of Sheikh Rashid Al Mualla. I can't feel but guilty for being able to have a quiet night, a full stomach and sleepy eyes. Life is not fair, if only my heartaches will reduce their suffering, I would stay up and relive the feeling I got just watching those little ones, the innocent men and women on T.V, their body shattered and torn by the deadly, sickly weapons from Israelis.

When will their pain come to an end, when will Palestine be ours again.


BuJassem said...

Drivers here do not have brains lil asaf.. most do not have eyes either.. which means i dunno why the RTA insists on eye-tests to issue a driving license when they are not being used.

Allah yer7am Sheikh Rashid and Allah yer7am the 500+ shuhada2 in Palestine. It's a joke. We do not deserve Palestine coz us Arabs and Muslims are such a mess.. but really.. honestly.. the Israelis are the biggest cowards.. to bomb Gaza like that.. it's a frigging joke.. I won't feel too bad about it if al-jazeera can show me even one frigging palestinian tank.. or one hamas F16.. please!

Bridget Jones said...

Refreshing views Emaratiyyah!

Bridget tends to agree, irrespective of cultures, religions, countries, men tend to show more similarities than differences.. and so do women ha! ;)

BuJ, as ever, you are so honest and impartial!

rosh said...

I agree with your views on driving in the UAE. Tops the agony list! ...and to think, we all attended the same driving schools!

Peace and Palestine - I hope those two words find each other soon as possible! Enough with loss of those innocents - enough.